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A fish, a monkey, a lion and an elephant were given a test of climbing a tree. Guess what happened. The monkey scored the maximum marks. The fish failed. The elephant ripped the tree in half while attempting to climb. Let's just say the lion simply made the organizers his dinner for the day. Moral of the story :

“ Not Everyone is born the same, Not Everyone has the same set of skills and Not Everyone has the same aspirations in life. ”

Welcome to PickTrainer, India's best online tutoring and free competition platform where each one's skills are judged and aspirations are realized in his or her own unique manner.

If you haven't heard about us yet, PickTrainer is an online education and training app which also offers the biggest platform for free online competitions and social media contests. At PickTrainer, we help people solve their educational tutoring and skill training needs with handpicked experts from each respective field from swimming to rocket science. Our experts can help you understand and solve everything from that devilish itch of a calculus problem that you are banging your head about to coordinating the string of programs to create a meaningful digital functionality. Join us today to teach and earn, participate and win or refer and make money online.

PickTrainer can help you with flexibility in Time, efficacy in Technology and the jingle of Money in your pockets. What can you help us with?

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