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Hailing from a small confine our Site is heading towards a great mission to achieve. Our whole organisation has been working 24x7 with a great passion to give justice to the learners by providing online education and instant hiring of experts at door-steps as well as to the experts who are not getting their dreams satisfied by providing plenty of part-time jobs. In addition to that we will organise online promotional competitions to boost the morale of the students. Our company is also striving hard for the transformation of the whole domain of education by entering into a complete new era with the conglomeration of advanced technology, online education and innovative thoughts. One of the major objectives of our platform is to provide an alternative for our educated unemployed for getting instant jobs as trainers in their respective fields of study.

For The Learners Community :

We herewith request the whole community of learners or students to strictly follow our terms and conditions which clearly describe the complete procedure, step by step, how to use our site, hire trainers/experts and creep the benefits of our product. Being a registered user after creating own ID, and user can avail a number of benefits only if he/she continues to stay in our site

It is an unique educational platform ever developed to hire trainers at our door-step that provides the benefits i.e. to hire experts on choice in time with a reasonable cost; exam notifications; previous questions; expert guidance; monthly objective assessment tests; group coaching facility; government notifications; curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular classes and etc.

For The Experts Community:

It is our obligation to work for the betterment of our registered experts or teachers Community to get part-time jobs and earn hourly basis. Our Company has devised such a solution that will definitely create lots of part-time employment for the experts in the field of online education and training. We like to bring a drastic change in the fields of online education and training by giving new dimensions and new directions to our existing systems of teaching and learning.

So far we have instituted the features like imparting the best teaching methods; maintaining utmost discipline during teaching; exact coverage of courses in time; value creation; maintaining morality and ethical standards; best assured student and teacher interaction; maintain lively atmosphere during study; away from personal bias; obeying strict legal formalities; obeying financial discipline; assuring proper payment of fees; acknowledging receipt of fees and ensuring the compliance of company objectives.

Mission Statement :

We don’t like to contrast between growth and development. Although development is our mission but growth is our passion. We are sandwiched between these two creamy layers. Our thoughts are strategic and long-drawn. We are time specific and agile. We like to cultivate work culture in every sphere of our company. We like to excel to such an extent and magnitude which our competitors can seldom smell.

  • The Company :
  • Presently the website the is one of the sister sites of our parent company the NEWAETATE PVT LTD. Provisionally the company was founded in some two years back. The preliminary promotion was initiated in a remote rented shed in the national territory of Delhi. The journey was too cumbersome and heart throbbing. This was an untold story which rather not to disclose. A group of three people having resemblances in their attitude & thoughts, being together was a co-incidence. This friendship today is transformed into the formation of the largest ever educational software solutions in India.

  • The Objectives :
  • Our major objective is to provide the best trainers to the learners in the click of the mobile. The subsidiary objectives may be outlined as follows. We like to reach at the crescendo with the adoption of innovative idea, start-up eco-system, scalable economy, plummeted growth strategy, transparency in management, good governance, respecting user’s perception, synergy between growth and development, optimising demand and supply network, flawless financial principles, sweet CSR norms, etc.

  • The Product :
  • We are committed to deliver such a product to the market which will substantiate the long awaited demands of the learners and experts. We hope our product will create sensation in the moment it will enter into the market. It is multi-dimensional and prodigious because performance matters.

  • The Partners :
  • We are a self-made and self-styled private company properly legalised and incorporated under the companies act, 2013. For the smooth functioning we are partners to a number of laws, such as income tax, environment, labour, gratuity, IT, bonus, provident fund, etc. We have to interact with certain service providers like Banks, government, Tax authorities, licensing authorities, liasoning authorities, Insurance, MCA, etc. who are otherwise called our partners.

  • The Customers :
  • The existence of the company can only be realised if the end users are satisfied. Customer is king. Those who use our product is our customer. It is not only our obligation but also we are duty bound to deliver quality product in reasonable time and cost. We acknowledge and assure to attend the grievances of our customers and give compliances in due time with due diligence. We have actually no partners but we pattern our own strategy, skill, idea, design, methods, procedures, systems and so many.

  • The Shareholders :
  • However small in numbers it may be, anybody in possession of a single share is called the owner of the company. He deserves the right to vote and participates in the policy formulation of the company. What he gives to the company in return is called capital, which is the life blood of the company. From which company generates the revenue. So we are obligated to respect our shareholders.

  • The Culture :
  • We have to tell our real story now. Each and every family has the same problem, how to educate their children. The child is crying before the parents for not getting a good trainer; the grown-up upspring returning home from the school with a pale face for not understanding the classroom teaching; the parents are undone for not providing adequate help to their children. The real cause is known to everybody. In this crucial period our company came to the rescue with educational software through our site to provide an instant solution in the field of education.

  • The Ethics & Morality :
  • This is an outline of our company culture. It is mainly based on employee relations management. We believe employees are our members because they do not differentiate themselves from their employers. They work in the same environment where management people are working. We establish an inter-personal relationship. We always try to establish ethical values and moral standards. The standards which are easy to achieve for a standard employee. We believe in positive incentives rather than reversion and impeachment. We believe in employee participation rather than line management and autocracy. We believe in employee satisfaction rather than revenue accumulation.

  • The Integrity :
  • We inculcate unity out of diversity. We are a conglomeration of different services related to education but our mission is to provide quality education to our end users. We like to unite our learners as well as the experts from various fields of learning. We have never left a single stone unturned in the fields of education. We believe in inclusive growth of the users on using our product. We try to create values between our learners and experts.

  • The Environment :
  • A good environment begets good products to the society. We have created a user-friendly and congenial atmosphere inside as well as outside our company to beget quality product. We are having automated technology to monitor the input, the work-in-process and the output. We are cordial and vigilant to the personnel, the technology, the process, the capital, the management, the market, etc.

  • The Marketing Strategy :
  • Our marketing strategy includes the field marketing, digital marketing and organising different online promotional competitions and campaigns to increase our market share, to boost the size of the traffic and increase the revenue as well.

  • The Contact Information :
  • During the course of using our product if you face any issues related to our site, then you are advised to refer your queries through our

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