Evolving Times

25th Jan 2019

Today's time has become brutally competitive, the reason being people and their skills under constant evolution that too faster than ever before. The hunger for knowledge and skill development has created an environment where people want to learn in order to possess knowledge and skills. This phenomenon is not only visible among the working class but across all age categories let it be school student's preparing for undergrad entrances or college undergrads and grad students preparing themselves to be good professionals. Even professionals are looking to gain more and more expertise in their fields to rise above the competition.


Now in this ever evolving environment, the age of convenience and speed people are searching for an alternative not only to learn but sometimes to earn money from the skills they possess or sharing knowledge with other's. This is where PICKTRAINER fits perfectly to the need of people searching for any of the mentioned wish that too with a user friendly setting designed to suit everyone and adapt to the needs of all.


PIKTRAINER acts as a bride between two parties who can help to achieve each other's objective. Today people don't go to gurukuls but they want gurus, this is where PICKTRAINER helps everyone around acting as connecting link between guru and sishya which makes us a virtual gurukul. Doesn't that sound cool?


Did we just create a product everyone was looking for? We just believe in proper channelization of resources and their demand to optimize the results in favour of all parties. We walk hand in hand with the evolving world with a vision to be undisputed leader in the field of education and allied services in order to promote mutual development for a better and smarter tomorrow.