Alia Bhatt arranges a painting exhibition

Alia Bhatt supports the kids with heart diseases.

  • 3rd Oct 2019

The young Bollywood star Alia Bhatt has arranged a painting exhibition for the , with heart diseases. She wants to support an initiative to raise funds through a painting exhibition for children suffering from heart diseases.
Alia said, "I have been told that kids are more positive than adults because they don't know how bad the situation is and they don't have a negative frame of mind. I feel that's the reason they get cured faster," while inaugurating the event named Art for the Heart on Wednesday at Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital.

Sharing her thoughts in the wake of introducing the event, Alia stated, "I visited Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of this medical clinic, which is Asia's biggest unit, and it's a great and pleasing thing for us all. It's the primary year of Art for the Heart activity, where they are raising assets through this sketch presentation, with the goal that they can complete the heart medical procedure of children."

Going with Alia was Sumitra Venkatesh, a pediatric cardiologist at the clinic.

"I feel Sumitra ma'am alongside different specialists and staff of Wadia Hospital is making a fabulous showing by helping individuals at decreased assets and once in a while free of expense. I feel we should bolster and support them with the goal that individuals can comprehend things like these additionally require reserves," said Alia.
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