Overbridge shuttering comes apart in Varanasi

One person injured after overbridge shuttering comes apart at Varanasi.

  • 11th Oct 2019

An overbridge in Varanasi left one individual harmed after its shuttering broke apart on Friday.

The covering of the under-development overbridge at Varanasi Cantt Railway Station broke into pieces on Friday and harmed one.

The harmed individual was taken to a clinic after the episode.

Friday's episode reveals insight upon Setu Nigam's persistence and metro lack of care.

A year ago, on May 15, a significant mishap occurred after the falling piece of an under-development flyover in Varanasi, the Parliamentary voting demographic of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Upwards of 18 passings were accounted for in the mishap when a mainstay of the flyover under development fell on the vehicles stuck in the jam underneath.

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