PM Narendra Modi says "World has great expectations from India"

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on monday "World has great expectation from India"

  • 30th Sep 2019

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said the world has " great expectation" from India, and stated that his legislature will lead the nation to a way of 'significance' where it will be gainful to the whole globe.

On his first visit to Tamil Nadu in the wake of holding power in the current year's Lok Sabha surveys, the Prime Minister repeated his battle against single-utilize plastic.

"During my (simply finished up) US visit I saw the world has incredible desires from India, which is developing... we will absolutely guarantee the welfare of India, and quickly, yet we will make it such an extraordinary country, that it will be valuable for the world," he said.

Making the nation incredible was the activity of the Central government, yet in addition to its 130 crore residents, he included.

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