Chandrayaan-2: No need to get dejected, PM tells ISRO scientists

PM tell to ISRO "No need to get dejected"

  • 7th Sep 2019

ISRO Scientists, whose terrific efforts almost,touched success.But this is the whole point and they'll learn,and they'll do it once again Soon.It would have been euphoric if chandrayan had touched down safely on the moon surface. 
As our scientists have proved in the past,it won't be long before our scientists endeavours to succeed in their mission.Let us laud our Scientists what they have achieved so far.It was touch and go. It was matter of just few hours if only.. 
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday expressed solidarity with ISRO scientists after Chandrayaan-2’s Vikram module lost communication with the ground station during the powered descent leading to huge disappointment.
“Communication has been lost. I could see the anxiety on your faces. There is no need to get disappointed because it is not a small achievement.The country is proud of you,” he said.

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