Day by Day Fuel prices Rise in Delhi and Mumbai

Fuel prices rise in Delhi, Mumbai.

  • 26th Sep 2019

Fuel prices saw up to 7 paise rise across all major metropolitan cities on Thursday.petrol and diesel costs stayed unchanged at Rs 74.19 per liter and Rs 67.14 per liter, separately in New Delhi.
Mumbai also affected by fuel prices. In Mumbai, petrol prices have reached 79.85 per liter and 70.44 per liter for diesel.
In Kolkata, the oil will cost Rs 76.88 per liter and diesel Rs 69.56 per liter.

In the meantime, in Chennai, purchasers should dish out a similar sum as on Wednesday, for example, Rs 77.12 per liter for petroleum and Rs 70.98 a liter for diesel.

Additionally, in Noida, the diesel value took off to Rs 67.46 a liter and oil value Rs 75.66 per liter.

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